Joe’s Table began as a father’s dream for his son, Joe, to experience the joy and self-esteem that comes from having a meaningful job, doing something you love that others value. Joe was usually given jobs behind the scenes because of his autism, yet he really had a talent for engaging people by greeting them. A coffee shop seemed like the perfect place for Joe.

The first Joe’s Table Cafe opened in Burnaby British Columbia in 2013. With ambitious plans to expand we are a social enterprise committed to providing fulfilling employment to as many people with cognitive disabilities as possible.

Our Mission

To create a self-sustaining social enterprise that models and promotes community inclusion by offering a high quality coffee house experience while providing purposeful employment that showcases the skills and talents of people with cognitive disabilities.

Our Approach

We start with great coffee. We serve locally roasted, gourmet brewed coffee, hand crafted espresso beverages and delicious snacks in a warm yet contemporary neighbourhood setting. Our staff takes great pride and delight in providing outstanding customer service.

What’s more, we offer a soul-warming opportunity to positively impact the lives of people with disabilities through coffee enjoyment. Approximately half of our employees have diverse abilities.

Our Core Values

The values that drive our work are:


We believe in the true and visible inclusion of all people. We ascribe to the UN Convention of rights for people with disabilities document, which contains the right for all people, regardless of race or disability, to be included in their community.

Business Sustainability

As a social enterprise, our impact is achieved through the success of our business. We strive to operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible, thinking about the long-term growth and success of the organization over the day to day operations.


True community is created through the free and open participation of diverse populations. Joe’s Table seeks to create opportunities to foster community building for our employees and customers.