The Difference

We're much more than a good cup of "Joe." While we pride ourselves on our exceptional quality coffee and treats, our difference lies within our employees. Joe's Table Cafe is an intentionally inclusive workplace, providing meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. In an effort to spread acceptance within inclusive communities, we have proudly declared ourselves as "The Second Best Coffee In The World," as a reminder that we all have room for improvement. Nobody's perfect, right? Like us on Facebook to tell us why "The Second Best Coffee In The World" is YOUR favorite!

Joe's Table Society

Inspired by the life of Joseph Chung, founded by Peter and Stephanie Chung, Joe's Table Society operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to creating intentionally inclusive communities by providing meaningful employment to individuals with differing abilities. Joe's Table Society is comprised of Joe's Table Cafe, The Joseph Chung Gallery and several scholarship funds in Joseph's name. Our vision is to take Joe's infectious, welcoming attitude to the world, showing community members and employers alike that people of all abilities can make a powerful contribution. Want to make a difference? To find out how you can help, please contact Jenna Christianson-Barker, Director of Operations @ 604.723.2387 or

Joe's Table Partnerships

posAbilities - posAbilities is a non-profit organization that is committed to building and participating in a community where all persons are welcomed and where all members are valued fro who they are and for the contributions they make. Joe's Table is happy to be in partnership with posAbilities - we work together to find employment opportunities for those with developmental disabilities, and also artworks done by special people.

L'Arche - L'Arche is a unique vision of care giving and community building that fosters inclusion, understanding and belonging. Joe's Table is excited about opportunities to change the world together with L'Arche.

Bethesda Parents Group - Bethesda Parents Group is a support network of mothers of children with disabilities. They share their stories about their children that are filled with joy and tears. Joe's Table works together with the group in finding employment opportunities and special artworks done by these children.

Vancity - Vancity is a values-based financial co-operative that uses its assets to help improve the financial wellbeing of members through initiatives that develop healthy, sustainable communities. Joe’s Table is happy to be in partnership with Vancity to promote positive impact in the communities we serve.