Who’s Joe?

Joseph Chung – more well-known as Joe – is the late son of Peter and Stephanie Chung. Joe was 32 years old when he passed away in September of 2012 due to a tragic swimming accident. After being diagnosed with autism at an early age, and subsequently with a seizure disorder a few years later, Joe and his family made an extensive effort to raise awareness for people with disabilities. Regardless of his disability, Joe loved to meet new people. “Hi, how are you? My name is Joseph, what’s your name?” was Joe’s signature way of greeting others and it showed his genuine love to converse and socialize. Joe’s Table was established in honor of Joseph Chung and will give to those like Joseph the opportunities to interact with the public.

So Who’s the World’s Best?

The establishment that holds the top position in any of the world’s industries is always changing. It is also something that is heavily dependent on a person’s individual preference. However, one thing that is constant is that those who are in second place will always try harder than those who hold the first place to take over the top spot. Joe’s Table’s motto refers to our passion and efforts to always give our best to our customers. It is our guarantee that we will try harder than any other coffee shop to give you the best service and experience. Hopefully through our unmatchable service and efforts, Joe’s Table will find a place in your heart as YOUR favorite coffee shop.

Why “Joe’s Table”?

Joe’s Table is a name that holds many important meanings. Joe, of course, refers to Joseph Chung but it also doubly refers to the phrase ‘cup of Joe’, which is commonly used to call a cup of coffee. The table is an iconic piece of furniture when it comes to a coffee shop, however in “Joe’s Table”, the ‘table’ can also be seen as a ‘T’ and ‘able’. The ‘able’ signifies that despite Joe’s autism, he was able to do so much in his life. Joe’s life was highly dedicated to Christianity, and the ‘T’ with the coffee cup in the logo serves as a visual double reference to a cup on a table and the Christian cross.